UntitledRev. Candas Ifama Barnes – IVISD Ministerial Ordination, 2003 Minister of Music and Spiritual Consciousness Member Wonder Woman Workshop Team There simply are no words to describe my experiences as an Inner Visions student, alumni or faculty member. I came to Inner Visions to learn about myself and God. I stayed at Inner Visions because I gained a family and community that loved me in a manner I had never experienced. Throughout the process I have learned the power and value of gratitude and joy but most of all, I have learned how to live the truth of who I am.   2


Rev Terrie Bowling IVISD Faculty Member 2005-2012

What I appreciate most from Inner Visions is that my teachers taught and demonstrated the practical application of spiritual principles. I appreciated my classmates because we all came together to figure out how to be a better version of who we were and we supported one another. I made lifelong connections that are priceless to me.

I also had the privilege and opportunity to be a faculty member. It was a gift to be able to now return the favor and be a stand and support for new students who came to the program. Students are encouraged to step out of their comfort zone and into their heart’s desire. As faculty I got to be their coach, cheerleader and reminder to have fun in the process. Inner Visions Institute for Spiritual Development was a life changing experience in my life and for that I am truly grateful!



Frank Way, Personal Development Program, 2012

Deepening my spiritual practice has always been of great interest to me. Inner Visions provided me with the spiritual skills and tools I needed to know Myself. The Personal Spiritual Development experience has changed my life. I have embraced who I am as a father, as a leader, as a community member, as a man.






Rev. Valerie Love IVISD Ministerial Ordination, 2010

My experience at Inner Visions was a total life transformation, facilitated by the. reconstruction of my consciousness fueled by a radical self-examination. It was truly the most powerful healing experience of my life. I am deeply grateful.

I am a Spiritual Life Coach who heeds the call to serve in humility and love. As a Divine Midwife of Soul Destiny, my work on the planet is to be an inspiration of love, joy, peace and abundance. “Birthing” my clients into greatness, magnificence and God-ordained purpose for being is one of my greatest joys!



Rev. Gena C. Jefferson – Personal Development Program, 2012 Spiritual Life Coaching Certification, 2014

I came to Inner Visions depleted, discouraged and confused about myself and my life’s work. In my 3 years at Inner Visions I was able to begin integrating all of who I am into who I’ve always dreamt of being, to the fullest expression of me. IVISD encouraged me to take responsibility for my own healing and for the vision that lived within me. From that experience my not for profit organization was born. “JAIA” Just As I Am YOUth Empowerment, is a personal and spiritual development leadership program for teens and young adults aged 16-24. www.jaiayouth.org. I graduated from Inner Visions armed with self supportive tools, a new way of living, and a powerful community that continually encourages my expression, my vision and my purpose. 




Danni Stillwell – Personal Development Program, 2001

As a graduate in the Inaugural Class of the Inner Visions Institute for Spiritual Development, it has remained as one of the most extraordinary experiences in my spiritual growth. Being grounded in spiritual principles has enhanced every area of my life and elevated my sense of this human experience. My purpose statement was created during this process; “I am a champion for all those on the journey into wholeness and wellness!” It is by far the best choice I have made for myself and my life. Out of the experience of the Inner Visions Institute for Spiritual development, the “Sensuous Woman of Means” Playshop Series was created. Playshops are held twice a year. For more information contact: drstillwell@sbcglobal.net



Monica Bergandi, Personal Development Program, 2012 Spiritual Life Coaching Certification 2014 Graduate Interns, Spiritual Life Coaching Certification Program

As an alumni of the IVISD community, I have created, supported and encouraged continuous growth for myself and my clients. It is my belief that everyone reaches their highest possibility moment by moment.  I have been able to integrate what I have learned into every aspect of my life and I am constantly reminded through the IVISD community that there is only Love!

6 Aldo Valmon Clarke graduated from the Inner Visions Personal development Program in 2010. He says; “Looking back on my experience, I can truly say that attending the Institute was one of the most profound and healing experiences of my life. Iyanla Vanzant and the IVISD faculty led me on an excavation of my very being and mind, helping me to uncover a more powerful, thoughtful, conscious, self-loving me.  I highly recommend attending IVISD to anyone who is ready to heal, grow and learn to love themselves.”