Astrological Chart Interpretation

by Ken Kizer, faculty member, Inner Visions Institute for Spiritual Development

Take a look deep inside yourself to gain insight about your own talents, strengths and challenges. The birth chart is a personal stellar roadmap to:

  • Make the most of who you are – identify your ideal career or calling and find your place in life;
  • Understand your partner;
  • Understand and master your love style – why you draw who you do and what to do about that;
  • Understand and master your money style, if prosperity is a challenge; and much more.

Part of a reading includes a predictive aspect: see what changes are coming in the next 18 months – the area of life affected, the nature of the change and how long it will last. Readings are dense with insight and will provide material for growth for years to come.

Necessary information: Time of birth to the minute, location and date. Birth certificates are preferred. Many states keep several services-astrologicalsunversions and some don’t include the birth time. You may need to ask. Check with the Bureau of Vital Statistics in your state of birth or equivalent. Federal law since 1934 states the time must be recorded, so it should be available.

Sessions are one hour, recorded and available for listening or
download at any time. The price is $250.

Ken Kizer studied with some of the luminaries in the field of astrology, such as Rob Hand, Jeff Jawer, Bil Tierney, Buz Meyer, and Philip Sedgwick. He has been a professional astrologer since 1984.

Contact Ken to schedule a session, or get more information:
301-576-6223 or
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