“You have to eat the elephant one bite at a time and . . . you don’t have to start at the butt!”  

#BTD-Be The Dream is a six-week process that will support you in clearing out the old – – – old thoughts, old feelings, old habits, old relationships, old everything in order for you to gain clarity.  With the new sense of clarity, you will be ready to create a new vision of yourself, for yourself, within yourself, that will serve as your platform for moving forward.  The process will begin with a 31-day clearing out that will support you in getting clear about what you desire and how you can become that very thing.  On January 16, 2017, we will begin our work; first cleaning out and clearing up the old so that we can create a vision for the new things we desire.

A Little Bit Every Day Throughout you will need to spend 10-20 minutes a day responding to a series of inquiries designed to help you get your mind and heart clear and clean. 

Put It In Writing Yes, you will need to write or type your responses so that you get to have a full body experience of what you are cleaning up and why you are doing it. 

Keep It Simple We encourage you to keep all responses short and sweet.  This means you will write your responses in 25 words or less.  We do this so that you do not get caught up in the “stories” and mental scripts that so often keep us stuck on the treadmill of doing the same things. 

Be Responsible for Self There will come a moment where you will be asked to do more than think and write.  You will be asked to do something to change where you are so that you will create a new path to follow.  You will be asked to share this in with the BTD community and report on your progress.  This will be a powerful learning and healing process where you get to recognize and understand what you do (or don’t do) and what is required to become what you desire.  

Ride the WaveWhere two or more are gathered. . .  there is an energy that lifts the entire group.  We have created an online FaceBook Community where you can share your thoughts, feelings, and discoveries to begin circulating a new energy in your mind and life.  This is not about giving or receiving advice.  It is about declaring to the universe where you are and where you are going.  

Hold Yourself Accountable Nothing short circuits forward progress faster than not doing what you say you will do or, not being who you declare that you are. When you make a choice to do or be something and you do not follow through, there is a consequence.  You will be asked to create a consequence for your missed steps and, you must pay the consequence.  More about this will be explained.  

Working the Principles A principle is a building block, that which is required to be aligned with universal energy.  The BTD process is based on five principles – Celebration, Clarity, Simplicity, Integrity, and Truth.  These principles will be the foundation of the work.


Investing in yourself is a gift to the universe of life of which you are an essential part!

In today’s world, the biggest competitor to any investment is free!  Free stuff is everywhere.  This means before we spend a penny, we want to get it for free.  There is, however, a universal Law of Compensation that exists beyond the realm of free.  This law states — what you put in is what you get out.  In other words, if you give nothing, you probably get as much in return.  Investing your time, energy and financial resources in anything designed to improve and empower your state of being is a sacred act.  Success is built on the concept of “paying something” for what you desire.  For this reason, we ask that you move beyond the concept of free or lack into the universal energy of investing in yourself.

The information, guidelines, and support you receive for the Be The Dream process required an investment of time, energy, and resources to prepare.  Your participation in the process is an investment in yourself.  Here’s what your investment covers:

  • Video messages from Iyanla to support you in staying on task
  • Access to the #BTD FaceBook Community page
  • Community Feedback to support your efforts
  • A Daily Assignment for creating a sustainable Vision for your life
  • And . . . a clear path for moving forward

Investing in Yourself – Everything has a price. What you do has a price. What you fail to do has a price. Investing in yourself means placing a value on who you are and, paying the price for what you desire. The price for taking part in this process is $99.00 for the entire six-week process. 

If you are ready, you can click below to signup and you will receive your first assignment on January 16, 2017, or the day you sign up after January 16th.

Looking Forward!