Conscious Connected Breath Work with


Ken and Renee Kizer


Breathe out stress and tension permanently, as well as the underlying beliefs that create and contribute to these energy drains. It really can be just that simple.

     Conscious Connected Breathing (aka Re-Birthing or CCB) is like yoga or meditation in overdrive. It is most useful when practiced on a regular basis. CCB is both a simple physical breathing technique and a profound emotional cleansing tool. It is a form of yoga streamlined for Westerners. Traditional yoga forms use breath for centering, relaxation, and healing. The difference is that CCB tends to accelerate the clearing process faster than Hatha yoga, the most commonly practiced form of yoga in the West.


The Value

The CCB experience is arguably the best stress management tool on the planet today. It has value for several reasons. People are realizing how all physical ailments and diseases stem from unresolved emotional tensions. The energy in these unresolved tensions will not be denied in our lives; the energy will be expressed one way or another.

Because the inner world and the outer world connect when breathing consciously, CCB is a technique that works directly on the deepest emotional levels. There are many aspects of self and life about which we are aware, and there are as many or more realizations that never surface consciously. Fortunately, the value of the session is not determined by what we understand from the experience of it. As a result of the work done in a CCB session, we simply begin to notice that our lives just feel and work much better.

Sessions with Ken or Renée

Individual sessions are normally an hour to 90 minutes and are conducted in comfortable private settings. Approximately half the time is devoted to identifying, assessing, and discussing possible resolution of the issues that are important to you (spiritual life coaching). The rest of the time is for breathing.

     We do not “heal”, perform psychotherapy, counsel, figure things out for you, or tell you what to do. We do teach skills that help you face and resolve challenges, realize your life goals, and reclaim the joy in your life.

     The recommended frequency of sessions is anywhere from once a week to once a month. This is perhaps the most important investment of time and money you can make; since the energy we carry is the fundamental essence of self that affects everything else in our lives.

For more information or to make an appointment contact:

Center for Awareness

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