As one of the Founding Faculty Members of the Inner Visions Institute, she is affectionately known as, “Mama Helen” and has served as the lead instructor of Meditation Practices and Principles and the Director of Academic Affairs for 24 years. As a member of the Wonder Woman Workshop team, she is known as a Prayer Warrior and Prayer Master. Mama Helen is the truth keeper. Her commitment is to support each student in recognizing and understanding the truth of every experience of their lives so that they are empowered to make life-supportive and self-loving choices that support personal healing and evolution.

Rev. Helen Uzoma Jones

Director Academic Affairs

Rev. Elease, also known as “the General,” has served as a member of the Inner Visions faculty for 11 years, first as a co-teacher of Effective Communication and now as the Assistant Director of Academic Affairs. Rev. Elease is committed to ensuring that every student maximizes the skills, tools and principles of the Institute in every aspect of their lives. Failure, mediocrity and “trying” is not an option for her. Rev. Elease is a master at holding the highest place attainable for each and every student until they can step into that space with full confidence for themselves.

Rev. Elease Welch

Assistant Director Academic Affairs, <br /> IVISD Ministerial Ordination, 2005

Rev. Deanna, known as Rev. DeeDee is a master of Reality Creation. She is the ultimate metaphysician. As the lead faulty member for the Fundamentals of Spiritual Life Creation course she gently, powerfully and effectively guides students into the realization of the truth of their capacity and ability to create the life they desire, moment by moment. As a student of Lazarus and Abraham, Rev. DeeDee takes the mystery out of the process of reality creation by teaching students how to align personal consciousness with the magnificent power of spiritual laws and principles.

Rev. Deanna Mathias

Faculty, Personal Development Program, <br /> Wonder Woman Weekend Workshop Team Member

Rev. Pam Bryant has been a member of the Inner Visions faculty for 11 years as the lead instructor for Healthy Mind Healthy Body. It is her contract with the Universe to be a loving, compassionate, powerful teacher. Rev. Pam Bryant is a Spiritual Life Coach who specializes in supporting individuals reach their life vision and deepest heart’s desire. For coaching, contact Rev Pam at:

Rev. Pamela Bryant

Faculty Personal Development Program, <br />IVISD Ministerial Ordination 2005

As a faculty member, it is my greatest joy to work with a team of gifted individuals who love and support each other. Serving as a faculty member at IVISD is my way of giving back the love that has been poured into me. I am honored to be able to support and empower students as they create lives that actualize and radiates the vision they hold for themselves.

Jackie Smith

Co-Director Spiritual Life Coaching Certification Program, <br />IVISD Personal Development Program<br /> 2005 Spiritual Live Coaching Certification, 2006

Rev. Lydia has been a member of the IVISD faculty since graduating from the Ministerial Ordination Program in 2003. She has taught Prayer, Practices and Principles, Practical Metaphysics, A Course In Miracles and Spiritual Protocols in the Spiritual Life Coaching Certification Program. She is one of the senior faculty members with a compassionate heart for the students and the power spiritual principle and law has to change lives. Rev. Lydia is an Intuitive Life Coach committed to guiding students and her clients into the moment of transformation and healing.

Rev. Lydia Ruiz

Faculty, Personal Development Program, <br />Wonder Woman Weekend Workshop Team<br /> IVISD Ministerial Ordination 2003

Robert Pruitt owns RobertPruitt.Com, LLC which provides leadership development and coaching for youth and adults worldwide and has served as faculty with Inner Visions for 10 years. Pruitt has been an informal educator since 1985 who specializes in healing masculine anger that results in domestic violence. He is the author of seven books who has appeared on numerous television and radio programs and continues to coach individual clients toward personal mastery and living their vision.

Robert Pruitt

Co-Director, Spiritual Life Coaching Certification Program

Rev. Bumi has been a member of the IVISD faculty for 6 years having completed both the Personal Development Prod Ministerial Ordination. Her specialty is Spiritual Protocol and Vibrational Management. Rev. Bumi’s joy is to support each student in achieving and living at their maximum vibrational frequency as a means for creating the life they desire. Rev. Bumi has also mastered the art of spiritual integration by blending ancient practices and traditions into practical every practices that support personal growth and spiritual evolution.

Rev. Irene Bumi Robinson

Bilingual Intuitive Spiritual Life Coach , <br /> Vibrational SpecialistI<br /> VISD Ministerial Ordination, 2010<br /> IVISD Ministerial Faulty, Lukumi Priest<br /> Wonder Woman Weekend Team Member

As a member of the IVISD ministerial faculty I am allowed to live my dream and my purpose of teaching, serving and encouraging others to reach their greatest possibilities.  The experience continues to enrich my life as I share my knowledge and my passion through music and words.  I am so grateful to be in a place where I can be and do what my mentors did for me and have big fun in the process!

Rev. Tamara Manly

Director, Ministerial Ordination Program, <br/>Minister of Music, Wonder Woman Workshop Team

Rev. Rosetta teaches leadership in the Ministerial Ordination Program. Using an array of spiritual principles, tools, and practices, she supports her students in cultivating leadership presence and deepening their capacity for effective teamwork, collaboration, and developing alliances and partnerships to support their ministries making an impact in the world.  She is an accomplished Executive and Leadership coach who supports leaders in increasing their capacity for producing successful outcomes and new levels of excellence for themselves and their organizations.   With over 20 years of multiple level management experience and a 17-year track record of success as a coach, Rev. Rosetta blends her sensitivity to the complex challenges faced by leaders in today’s world with well-honed state of the art coaching skills. For coaching, contact Rev. Rosetta at:

Rev. Rosetta Hillary

Faculty, Ministerial Ordination Program

Coach Maq Ele’ is a graduate of the IVISD Personal Development and Spiritual Life Coaching certification programs.  After serving as a volunteer for five years, Coach Maq became a member of the Coaching Faculty.  She currently runs her coaching practice, providing women with an unconventional coaching experience colored with creativity! Through her private practice, Coach Maq offers: Group Coaching and Facilitation, Inspirational Speaking, Individual Coaching, Team Building and Conflict Resolution for businesses and organizations. She also specializes in: LGBTQI Women.
Coaching Practice Info:
Coach Maq Ele’

Coach Maq Ele’

Faculty, Spiritual Life Coach

Rev. Dr. Aminah Christine Pereira graduated from the IVISD Personal Development Program in 2009 and continued on to be ordained as a Minister of Spiritual Consciousness with the Ministerial Class of 2013. That year, she also earned her PhD in Curriculum, Teaching, and Educational Policy from Michigan State University. As the Instructional Coach at a middle school in Vermont, she collaborates with teachers and administrators, nurturing holistic approaches to teaching and learning. Rev. Aminah Christine is currently teaching Effective Communication in the Personal Development Program at IVISD.

Rev. Dr. Aminah Christine Pereira