The mind is like a muscle. In order to strengthen the mind, it must be worked out and worked on. Daily Mind Treatment is a process for strengthening and toning the mind as preparation for the creation of a new experience.

Each of the following Treatment Statements will support you in strengthening your mind and transforming habitual thought patterns. You are encouraged to work with a Treatment statement for several days until it comes alive within you, meaning, you can feel the energy of it in your being. You may not believe the Treatment statement the first few times you read it. That is perfectly fine. Commit yourself to do the work and the Treatment will do its work – – – transforming your thought patterns.

In reading and working with the Treatment statements, you are free to and encouraged to change any word or phrase that may not fit or work for you. If the word Spirit feels better than the word God, change the word. If Divine Mind, or Most High feels better than Spirit, change the word. You are encouraged to work with these Treatment statements by using the language that feels right for you. By the same token, you may want to work through the uncomfortable feelings by working with the language that is offered. In doing so, you are giving yourself permission to expand your consciousness. The choice is yours to make for yourself.


1. Read the Treatment statement and the Affirmation silently.

2. Speak the Treatment statement and the Affirmation aloud.

3. Spend a few moments in silence contemplating what you have just read, spoken and heard yourself speak.

4. Respond to the Treatment inquiries in writing in order to become aware of and clear out any resistance that may come up from the depths of your mind.

5. Read the Treatment statement again.

6. Choose one statement you will repeat mentally throughout the day.


Darkness and Difficulty – Part 1

Darkness and Difficulty – Part 2


Clean Sheen – Part 1

Clean Sheen – Part 2

Clean Sheen – Part 3


 by Rev. Kelli Jareaux


Darkness is not a complete absence of light. It is my failure to recognize the presence of the light that is available.

To shift the darkness, I allow myself to see the light, even if it is the tiniest ray or just a spot, a glimmer of peace, a wee bit of good or joy, I place my energy there.

I practice patience with others and allow myself to surrender to the darkness experience.

I allow myself to rest and release all resistance to what is happening.

I allow myself to be and allow my lessons to unfold until I have an awareness and understanding of how I need to grow. I will be mentally and emotionally still until I have the energy to focus intently on the light that IS available.

The more I focus on the light, the more I see, the more the light expands, and the more the darkness dissipates.

I believe! I trust! I know that the light is always with me and within me.

The light is always there to be found. The darkness, any darkness teaches me patience and trust.

I am learning how to be still and allow God to reveal the truth and joy and peace that is always available to me.

I am not afraid of the darkness because I believe, trust and know that God can be found wherever I Am!


I am divinely protected in the midst of any and all darkness!


1. I define “darkness” as . . .

2. I define “light” as . . .

3. The darkness I am experiencing now is . . .

4. What I seem to forget is . . .

5. The light I want to remember now is . . .

6. Today, my prayer for light is . . .


 by Rev. Kelli Jareaux


Darkness is a place where I can rest, reflect, and rebuild.

It is an opportunity to create, re-create, re-build and repair my relationship with God/Spirit/Divine Mind and my Highest Most Holy Self. In what I perceive to be darkness and difficulty, I get to re-experience myself in a new way and create atonement (at-one-ness) with God.

In the darkness of difficult times, I can find and challenge feelings of shame, guilt, fear, anger and unworthiness in order to forgive myself, love myself, and reconnect with my true innocence. I remember and re-connect with the innocent version of myself that is in love with God.

In my own innocence, I allow the feeling of love to grow and overtake me, until I know with every fiber of my being that God is within me and with me.

When I know this truth through and through, I have found the value of darkness. God is the value. God is always the value in every experience. God is always with me in the darkness I perceive, waiting to be seen and remembered; waiting to be enough for me; waiting for me to realize that He/She/It is All.

This is the value of the difficult darkness. It is and opportunity to be alone with God and in God.


I Am innocent! I release all judgements about difficulty and darkness.


1. The Difficulty/darkness I am facing at this time is . . .

2. What I feel ashamed of/guilt about/afraid of/angry about/unworthy of is . . .

3. The people I want to forgive are . . .

4. I forgive myself for . . .

5. Today, I am asking God to . . .


 by Rev. Kelli Jareaux


I stay centered by maintaining an awareness of God.

I know God in and with my mind.

I use that knowledge to shift and align myself at the feeling level.

When I think and feel God, I am aligned with an awareness of God at all levels of my being.

No one else can make me feel better. When something is going on within me, I know I’m actually asking God to remind me of the truth of my being.

By turning to and tuning into God rather than people, I am demonstrating my willingness to receive support and become aware of the truth.

When I am not feeling safe or loved or supported, I don’t fight it. I go into it with prayer and affirmation, until the energy is exhausted, released or neutralized.

When I have worked it out within myself, then I can tell the truth and be opened to hearing and allowing the truth from others.

All things are working together for my good; no matter what it looks like or feels like.

I give myself permission to be and become aware of the good in every person, situation and circumstance.


I am centered and aware of God in moments of difficulty and darkness!


1. I lose my awareness of God when I . . .

2. When I lose my awareness of God I feel . . .

3. When I am aware of God I feel . . .

4. The truth I must remember is . . .


 by Rev. Kelli Jareaux


It is beautiful, powerful, yet simple, exactly the purpose of my existence – – –

I am here to shine.

I dare to shine! Even when it’s risky. Even when I don’t feel like it because no one around me is shining. Even when it seems a little inappropriate, it never is! I shine freely, compassionately, powerfully, without excuses, and for no reason at all.

By shining I am fulfilling God’s Will. God has prepared me to demonstrate God’s presence.

I glorify God by aligning and shining.

I DECLINE the disempowering versions of the stories I tell myself.

I ALIGN with the truth that no story, no characters, no plots, and no situations, have the authority to DIM MY LIGHT.

I CLEANSE myself of the energetic aftereffects of my old stories by finding the point of LIGHT in a new STORY that reflects the truth of who I am NOW!

I AM here now, alive, and full of LIGHT.

I ALIGN with that LIGHT!




I AM a light in the world! A light must shine in order to eliminate darkness!


1. I define “shine” as . . .

2. What I was taught about “shining” is . . .

3. I shine best when . . .

4. When I am shining I feel . . .

5. When I am not shining I feel . . .

6. My greatest fear about shining in the presence of others is . . .

7. Today, I am choosing to shine because . . .


 by Rev. Kelli Jareaux


I desire a “clean slate,” a way of starting my life fresh, without the dim thoughts and faults of the past.

I choose to live beyond what I have done and what I thought had been done to me.

Those events are just stories, with characters and plots; no more influential than something I might read about in a book or watch on TV.

By themselves, they don’t matter!


I make the stories that matter to me!

I AM the LIGHT with the power to eliminate darkness.

I AM here to be LIGHT always, in all ways.

When I share my light with others darkness is eliminated! There are no dimly lit places!

When I shine, GOD is Present and I experience God’s Omnipotent, Omniscience and Omnipresence as the truth of my being.


I AM the light that shall not be overcome by darkness!


1. I define the light as . . .

2. I believe I am light when . . .

3. When I am shining my light I feel . . .

4. When I am not shining my light I feel . . .

5. I dim down my own light when I . . .

6. Today, I will choose to shine my light by . . .


Rev. Kelli Jareaux


As a child I may have feared darkness.

In the darkness everything was scary. The darkness seemed to transform perfectly innocent objects into monsters in the absence of light.

If I allow the darkness to frighten me, it will alienate me from God, good, love, and others.

Darkness is an inevitable part of every life journey; a mystical part of life and, a unique spiritual training ground.

Darkness is not my enemy. It is my opportunity to perfect my ability to connect with, be with, and share my light.

I always have what I need to experience myself as light by uniting my mind with the presence of God in me. This is my true identity.

The light that I AM, the love and compassion I AM sustains me always.

Today, I hug, I smile, I say hello, I nurture, I encourage, I include, I involve and, I touch others to share my light.

I share the truth I that know; the light that I AM.


I Am the light of love!


1. My light is important because . . .

2. My light has supported me when . . .

3. My light has supported others when . . .

4. When darkness shows up I must remember to . . .

5. Today, I choose to share my light when . . .

6. Today, I choose to share my light with . . .