Great Spirit of Life and Love;
I ask that You show me the way when I cannot see.
I ask that You clear the path before me when I wander into the wilderness.
I ask that You calm my mind, and spirit when I am afraid.
I ask that You apply Your healing balm to the bumps and bruises from the journey.
I ask that You shelter me from the rain and raging winds of life.
I ask that You guide me along the green pasture and restore my soul.
I ask that You give me the strength to keep putting one foot in front of the other when I feel too tired to go on.
I ask that You be the wind at my back steadily urging me forward.
I ask that You anoint my head with oil and fill my cup to overflow.
I ask that You help me to get out of my own way and surrender to Your love.
I thank You Great Spirit for answering my call and for supplying each and every one of my needs.
I thank You for placing this prayer upon my heart and for answering it even before I prayed it.
I thank You for Your ever-present love that always endures, uplifts and encourages me.
I am so grateful. My heart is full.
I Let It Be So. And So It Is!
Amen, and amen

Rev. Danielle Hatchell