Around and around, over and under,I circle and cycle through my life with You, God,
knowing You are always with me, feeling Your presence within every fiber of my being.
I stop, and breathe, and give thanks for all that is within and around me,
acknowledging all of the ways that You continue to bless me in each and every moment of every day.
I know, God, that I can all too easily get caught up in the twists and turns of my daily life,
get wrapped up in my thoughts and trying to figure it all out.
And, yet, I trust that in spite of myself, God, that You will always lead me home to You.
My faith keeps me calm, at peace, and comforted by the reality that I am right where I need to be,
doing just what I need to be doing.
I step back and reconnect with You, reminding myself, always, to see the adventure of it all.
With humility and grace, I continue forward and toward all the dreams and desires of my heart.
For I know, God, that it is Your will that I live out, with courage and conviction with every step that I take.
I thank You, God, for choosing me for the unique charge that You have placed on my life.
I thank You, God for always being with me.
And most of all, I give thanks for the adventure of it all.
I thank You, God.
I love You, God.
Amen and Ache.

Rev. Aminah Christine Pereira