Blessed Mother, Father God, The Source of all good things, Divine, Indwelling Spirit.
Today, I open my heart to receive and allow every gift that has been prepared for me.
I open my heart and my mind to allow joy into my life.
God, I confess that in the past I have been afraid to truly allow joy into my life.
I confess that I felt a deep sadness about this awareness.
Somewhere in my life I came to have a deep seeded belief that if good came into my life
there would be a price to pay.
So, I did not allow myself to truly celebrate all the good in my life for fear it would be taken away.
Divine Source of all things, I know better now.
Today, I open my heart to receive and allow JOY.
I celebrate all the gifts of this life remembering that is what You have always desired for me
and that I am worthy.
I am grateful for the healing of these old patterns and beliefs.
In gratitude, I accept all that is mine by divine birthright as the beloved child of the Most High God.
Thank You God. I love You God.
I Let It Be So. And so it is. Amen.

Rev. Lynn P. Barber