Keeper of My Soul, My Breath, My Life;
I pray for an expanded consciousness of abundance that knows I HAVE and acts and speaks accordingly.
There’s nothing to get. I already HAVE all that I desire.
I only need be ridiculously grateful and the floodgates of heaven are open to me
through the portal of my high praise and thanksgiving.
I pray for a consciousness that is so charged with love that it is irresistibly magnetic
to my extreme good in every moment of every day.
My life is full of gifts, blessings and happy surprises!
I pray for a consciousness that never notices anything but extreme abundance and super – natural surplus.
I pray for a consciousness of generosity that knows it’s impossible to out-give God.
I pray for a consciousness that multiplies every loaf,
simply by holding it up to You God, giving thanks, blessing it and knowing that it’s more than enough.
And we’ll have leftovers!
I pray for a consciousness that instantaneously multiplies every gift,
every blessing, every opportunity and every manifestation of good into more than it was when it hit my hand.
And most of all God,
I pray for a consciousness that forever abides in reverent and worshipful awe of the Giver and never the gifts.
In gentleness and grace, love and joy, and peace and plenty, this is so.
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Rev. Valerie Love