Just now, Dear God,
I acknowledge You by all of the sacred names that You are called.
I praise Your Holy Name.
I give thanks for all that You are and all that You have done for me.
I now pause in excited anticipation of all that You will unfold in my life for my greater good.
I now release anything and everything, anyone and everyone that could hinder, block, delay
or obstruct the unfolding grace of Your love in my life.
I let it go gently and completely, under Your Grace, with love.
Thank You for the divine vision that You have for me.
I know that it already is and that it is being brought into manifestation in my life with divine timing.
I align myself with Your vision for me.
I know that it is beyond anything I could think, dream or imagine.
I commit myself to living on purpose, honoring my passion and standing in my power,
which is the power of You moving in, through, and as me in the world.
In humble gratitude, I say Thank You! Thank You! Thank YOU!
Now, I Let It unfold.
I Let It Be. And So It Is

Rev. Beverly Biddle