I am blessed as I dedicate my life to being in service.
I know I am connected to others and, as I give, I too receive.
I am open and willing to give.
I am open and willing to serve.
Every day in every way, I express gratitude for my life through service.
I call forth the Wisdom of the Universe to guide me to the perfect places and
the right people so that I serve with compassion and love.
I am joyful in my service to others.
I now dedicate my life to God and humanity in order to fulfill my purpose on the planet.
I am the hands, the feet and the mouthpiece through which Gods works.
I believe, know and trust that God has the perfect plan and place for my presence and service.
I am a servant of Divine Love.
I am successful as I support and help others.
I now call forth my divine place to be, work and serve knowing that as I ask and believe, I shall receive.
For all that is unfolding to benefit my life, I am grateful.
Amen and Amen.