Mother, Father God, Holy and Divine Spirit,
I recognize You, God,as the epitome of Unconditional Love and that You love me unconditionally.
I accept that because I am one with You, then the presence and power of unconditional love is within me.
I confess God, that I have been playing peek-a-boo with love.
I say that I desire it and yet I hide from it.
I realize I have made myself unavailable to love, afraid to fully show up and be vulnerable.
I release the blinders that prevented me from seeing the presence of love around me
and kept me held hostage in judgment;
I release the ear plugs that blocked out Your whisperings of “I love You,”
that fueled the belief that I am alone;
I release the bullet proof vest that kept my heart closed and fueled the story that I must fight love.
I align myself with You, God. I align myself with love.
I give myself permission to see love all around me!
I give myself permission to hear Your gentle urgings of loving guidance!
I give myself permission to receive love in every area of my life!
I give myself permission to see, feel and know the presence and power of love within every fiber of my being
and to experience love within the people around me!
I give myself permission to be a demonstration of unconditional love
and to attract loving experiences into my life!
I thank You, God, for loving me unconditionally!
Thank You for the reminder that all that is required is for me to show up and allow myself to give
and receive love unconditionally.
Thank You for revealing to me that I AM LOVE!
I love You!!
And so it is!!

Coach Maq Elè