Why Pray?

Prayer in this sense is both a process and a tool used to establish and sustain the highest possible experience and expression of energy. Prayer also raises physical mind and thought above the limitations of belief, perception and conscious learning so that intuitive impressions and awareness are possible. Prayer is the universal means by which human beings petition the Divine, Creative, Intelligence of the universe.

As a process, prayer is 1) a System, 2) a Process, and 3) a Structured Formula that influences and overrides the habitual, predominant thoughts of the physical sensory mind. In the process of prayer, the subconscious mind is influenced, balanced and harmonized.

As a tool, prayer calls out to and taps into the Divine Presence of the Creative Energy of the universe known as Spirit/God. The energy generated by prayer re-programs mental, emotional and physical energy of the person and the environment in which the prayer occurs.

Enhances the Electromagnetic Energy Fields

Prayer is a tool and a process that creates and anchors the individual’s energy fields. Thoughts create energy. Energy follows thought! Energy is informational. Prayer enhances the internal and external electromagnetic energy field of the individual and taps into to the essence of their spiritual nature. Spirit, the higher vibration of mind, is the cause of all creation, able to repair and recharge the human energy. The process of prayer, transforms deeply imprinted thought forms and seeds new patterns which ultimately influence reality and experience.

Creates and Directs Energy

The information contained in the mental and emotional energy of prayer can activate the Law of Attraction. As a tool, prayer is a means by which the individual can create and direct mental and emotional energy in support of a desired intention. The energy of prayer accelerates mental and emotional vibrations which are broadcast throughout the universe. Scientifically, prayer does not “make things happen.” The internal and external energy created and enhanced by prayer balances, harmonizes, and aligns the individual with that which already exists of the same or similar vibration.

Prayer Alters Environment

Prayer is the means used to acknowledge, affirm and advance focused intentions. Prayer alters mental and physical activity according to spiritual ideals, laws and principles. In a spiritualized environment, thought is governed by the principles of manifestation, which will out picture in the physical environment.

Affirmative prayer is a spiritual technique that focuses on a desired and positive outcome rather than a problem or negative situation. By affirming a desired intention as if it has already happened, we are programming the mind about what to expect. The process of Affirmative prayer elevates the mind above the physical world reality of time and space into the uncharted realm of possibility. With the process of Affirmative prayer and, in this proactive state of mind we are shifting the energy within our own consciousness and creating a new energy tread.

The premise of Affirmative Prayer is that in order to create and experience that which we desire, we must first connect with it at the mental level.   Affirmative prayers consciously weed out thoughts of failure, lack, loss and the toxic energy of dominant negative thought patterns by using the very highest and best language at our command. Affirmative prayer elevates our thinking and speaking. It plants new seeds in the fertile ground of our minds that will grow into a physical world reality.

The following list of Affirmative Prayers are offered to support you in moving through a variety of life experiences.   A word of caution; do not make your prayer practice more difficult than it needs to be in order to be effective. While there is no right or wrong way to pray, it is still a very sacred and powerful process. What makes your prayers sacred is your intention. Your position, location or attire can all be considered or not.

It is recommended that after selecting the prayer to meet your need that you both read it silently and then aloud three times, which can be done in one day or over the course of three days. Whenever we pray or request a Higher Power to assist, we bring stronger energy to the effort by repeating our request/prayer three times. Once you have prayed the prayer three times, simply relax and expect a powerful and positive outcome.

The Presence, Protection, Love and Guidance of the Source of your life is always available to you. Your awareness of and ability to align with your source is just one of the many benefits of a conscious, committed prayer practice. Prayer, as a spiritual discipline is a process and practice of establishing communion with the Divine, the Source, the Creator. Whether you identify that essence as God, Jesus, Higher Mind, Love or by some other title matters not. Your commitment to a consistent connection and awareness of the presence of the Divine in your life will result in a greater sense of peace and connection that supports all that you do in every aspect of your life.