Seven Steps to Change Workbook


Be Willing To Do The Work!


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As I am sure you are aware, no change is easy; nor can it come without effort. Personal change cannot be accomplished by technology. It requires commitment, persistence, determination and PATIENCE! The steps I am offering you today can be accomplished with a bit of time, effort, and energy in the privacy of your own home. Because change is, “an inside job,” the process of completing each step will not only produce changes in your world, it will produce changes at the deepest levels of your being. Each step supports a healing process at the level of your consciousness which is where all change begins. Please know that the mere thought of change can create conscious and unconscious resistance. You may find that you lose interest after a few days or you may find yourself in doubt that what you are doing is yielding the results you desire. This is all quite normal. Now that you know what can occur, I encourage you to complete each of the steps no matter what! To begin this process you will need a notebook or pad of paper and a pen. Each step requires a certain amount of time each day. I encourage you to work in the same place, at the same time, each day.

You cannot force, coerce and demand change. Change is a process that unfolds when the individual mind comes into alignment and cooperation with the flow of life, the universe at large. Change is a journey. Change is not linear, meaning do this and that will happen. Change is uncertain and uncertainty gives rise to fear. Change requires vision and strategic planning. Changes require that we work from the top down (from the mind to the heart) and from the bottom up (from the experience to the cause of the experience) at the same time. Change often creates problems in our environment. Fear not! Problems are our friends! Without problems, we cannot learn. Without problems, we have no idea of the depth of the change that is required of us. So, as you endeavor to create changes in your life, I offer you, with love, the power, beauty and energy of these seven steps to support you on your journey. For each of you, I have no idea of what will happen. What I do know is that if you complete each step with an open heart and mind, something great will unfold in every aspect of your life. I can hardly wait for your progress reports!


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