The Spirit of a Man

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A Vision of Transformation for Black Men and the Women Who Love Them
Dynamic and truthful, inspirational and wise; Iyanla Vanzant, author, orator and authority on spirituality from an African perspective, delivers a soaring message of faith and empowerment to Black men and to their mothers, daughters, and wives.

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A Vision of Transformation for Black Men and the Women Who Love Them

Vanzant presents another spiritual interpretation of the African American experience. This time, the focus is on “black men and the women who love them.” She provides valuable insight into a self-help approach that men can implement to analyze, explain, and improve their conditions and relationships. She notes in her introduction that she received a vision that inspired and led her to write and speak to and for black men. She expresses her insight in 13 chapters ranging from “A Million Men Marched” to “The Principles of Spiritual Manhood.” Vanzant succeeds in probing the many issues that confront black men in this society and challenges them to deal with their situations from a spiritual understanding rather than an intellectual analysis. Although the targeted audience is African American men, the information will be well regarded by African American women. Vanzant’s popularity and success in the area of spiritual consciousness will make this volume another valued addition to a library and private collections.


1 review for The Spirit of a Man

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    I am a 21-year-old black man, who for so long knew that there was more to life but could not figure out what it was. Months of searching lead me to realize that I had to become more spiritual. I went on to read numerous books on spirituality and self-improvement, but after learning these principles I had no way of applying them. This book showed me how to apply what I had learned and also taught me a lot more things about life and my relationship with the Creator. This book is a must for every black man or woman who is at the entrance of the tunnel, sees the light at the end, but does not know how to walk through. Iyanla took my hand and I’m sure she’ll take yours. After she has lead you to the light, you learn the ultimate lesson: you have been and will always be able to lead others through this tunnel.

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