We offer ourselves in the service with faith-filled hearts and love.

Prayer Requests
We believe prayer changes people, experiences, situations. Let us pray for/with you.
Email Your Request:
Submit your request of 50 words or less. One of our ministers will hold you and your request in prayer for 72 hours.

Call our Prayer Line to leave your Prayer Request:
(240) 839-4260
Press 3; speak slowly and clearly for 90 seconds

When You Need Someone to Pray With You
Call our Prayer Line at (240) 839-4260;
State your name and leave a contact number;
Someone will reach out to you within 48 hours.

Energy Healing Work
“You are responsible for the energy you bring into the room.”
Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor

Everything is energy. Your energy is created by your thoughts, your emotions, your actions, your beliefs, your experiences and by the electrochemical processes occurring within your physical body. What is within you emanates from you and surrounds you. Then, there is your energy field. This is the universal life force energy flowing through and around you and your energy field. In the same way that blood flows through your circulatory system, bringing nutrients to cells and removing harmful wastes, universal life force energy travels along the pathways of your energy systems. Life force energy not only nourishes and supports every cell of your body, it also provides “nourishment” and support to you on the mental, emotional and spiritual levels as well. Each of these aspects of your being are intimately connected to each other and a problem in one can have an affect on the others. When the energy within or around us is distorted, imbalanced, stressed or unproductive, everyone and everything with which we have contact is affected.

At Inner Visions, our intention is to support and offer you the opportunity to heal, balance and optimize your personal energy and the energy available to you in order to facilitate and support the evolution of your consciousness. We work with a variety of Energy Therapists who are available to work with you.

Astrology is the study of the movements and relative positions of the planets, interpreted as having an influence on human affairs and the natural world. The premise of astrology is that the position of the sun, stars, moon and planets at the time of a person’s birth, shapes their personality, affects their romantic relationships and predicts their economic fortunes. What most people know about astrology is their “sign,” which refers to one of the 12 constellations of the zodiac. However, astrology literally means “the Science of the Stars”, from the Greek astrologia: astron meaning (constellation; star) and logia meaning (study of; ordering principle). The study of astrology contains both the idea of an organized body of knowledge of the universe, along with the way the stars “speak” to us, or give meaning to our lives. By exploring ourselves, our relationships and our place within the world, astrology has found that the symbolic relationships between the heavenly bodies are significant, and can be seen as a map to human destiny. This is expressed in the hermetic maxim: As Above, So Below.

Soul Food is our collection of spiritual exercises, daily devotions and prayers designed to assist you in deepening your spiritual practice, realigning your thoughts, gaining inspiration, becoming motivated to pursue your best life and creating better relationships in every aspect of your life. We provide you with our best tried and true methods with the intention of supporting you in getting the information, having the tools and developing the skills required to remember the truth of who you are. Soul Food is offered as an attempt to meet you where you are and support you in moving up. Please visit; “Do The Work”

Level I – Beginners Level.
The offerings at this level are designed to support you in developing discipline and commitment. We recommend this work for those who are just opening to the awareness and understanding of their inherent spiritual nature and identity.

Level II – Advanced Level
The offerings at this level are designed to support those who have a consistent spiritual practice. We recommend this work for those who are seeking a deeper awareness of universal law and spiritual principles and; those seeking to understand how to use what they know in practical, personal ways for greater, more satisfying results and manifestations.

Level III – Mastery Level
The offerings at this level are designed to support those who have an in-depth spiritual background or training and; who are willing to do the challenging, consistent effort required to create and sustain a clear intention and/or desire.

Spiritual Life Coaching
The Spiritual Life Coaching approach is based upon a style of appreciative inquiry:
“The secret of change consists in concentrating one’s energy to create the new, and not to fight against the old.”
Dan Millman, Author
The Way of the Peaceful Warrior

A Spiritual Life coach is trained to acknowledge and accept that every client has the potential, capacity, ability, passion and drive to succeed in anything they choose to be, do and have in their life. Therefore, the coach’s primary role is to provide the unbiased, confidential sounding-board, though questions, that will assist them in unlocking their own wisdom, enable them to discover their strengths, in order to collaborate to create strategies for action that will fit best with who they are and what they choose/desire to achieve.  Integrating universal laws, spiritual principles and client-sustained and generated activities, a Spiritual Life coach supports, assists and facilitates a client to bring forth the often unrecognized or unacknowledged truth, light (e.g. knowledge and wisdom) and love of their soul as a foundation for creating and living a self-fulfilling experience.

While all Life Coaching is a conversation, collaboration, and an integrity driven partnership, Spiritual Life coaching has at its core, the ancient wisdom of universal laws and spiritual principles, which when applied bring the individual consciousness and physical being into alignment with the true nature of life. That nature is peaceful, joyful, loving and serves the highest good of all. Our coaching goal is to help clients achieve emotional and professional satisfaction by guiding and supporting them towards the creation of a healthy integrated lifestyle of values, choices, accountability and responsibility. Every coaching plan is custom-designed in response to a client’s specific needs, circumstances and goals. We work closely with the client to map out a personalized strategy for successful professional, and personal development.
If you have a clear intention, a dream or a deep desire to grow and heal, we can recommend a coach for you. Send an email stating your desire to:; indicate “Coach Referral” in the subject line.