Praise for Iyanla Vanzant and the Inner Visions Workshop Team

As psychotherapist, we are trained to focus on emotional and mental experiences. We are trained to create a space where judgment and further self-depreciation is not encouraged. Therapy works when there is trust and truth. In this workshop Iyanla and her staff fostered this environment almost immediately.  The other big “T”, Truth, was essential and required. Truth in your story and truth on how you tell it. That is where the all healing begins. Where there is lack of truth, there is lack of clarity. Which in turn, will intensify the pain and misunderstanding. I can now see how healing on only the mental and emotional levels are incomplete. It is the spiritual healing level that is indispensable and fundamental. In this workshop it was the principal demand and very well done.
I am forever grateful to myself for attending this workshop. I am grateful to Iyanla and her staff for allowing my transformation. I am forever changed and would recommend this workshop to whomever needs the fundamentals of healing. My participation continues to be my highest honor. 

Spencer, C.
Warwick, NY

Arriving for the Inner Visions workshop feeling broken, I quickly learned I was not broken and never had been; I had forgotten my divinity. Loving guidance allowed my releasing of life-long wounds; my heart knows my wholeness and holiness. Separation from the Divine is a lie created in my mind, Oneness is the reality. A veil lifted, I awoke and conscious intention replaced my stories and projecting about my life. I am soaring today, joyous, free and connected. Thank you and bless you Iyanla, “the God Squad” and my co-participants. I breathe and remember, Amen.

Slirzewski, R.
Highland Park, NJ

The class with Iyanla Vanzant, and the Inner Visions God Squad, was a truly transformational week.  Iyanla has a way of seeing through to the very essence of an issue, and telling it like it is.  Not always easy to hear, but opens the way for a life changing experience.  My goal as a teacher, was to see how I could use some of her language, insight and wisdom to help my students.  What I came away with was a truly personal transformation that will allow me to be a positive change agent for others. 

Smith, M.
Needham, MA

I took Iyanla’s workshop and it was an awesome, life changing, transformational experience. lyanla and her team were informative, inspirational and loving. I was blown away by their total commitment to our group and our process. The experience they provided was unforgettable and priceless and I want to Iyanla and her team from the bottom of my heart!!  I am clear that my responsibility now is to continue to strengthen my relationship with God and serve HIM and others, however I can.

Brice, M.
Hillsborough, NJ

Your workshop was truly a life altering experience.  I found myself growing and healing with each new day.  There was unconditional love and support from Iyanla and the God Squad at all times including once we returned home. The way I feel about painful periods and past events of my life is no longer something that burdens my heart and mind each day. Iyanla had amazing energy and love for each one of us.  I now have a daily spiritual practice and embrace my past.  I will continue to work with Iyanla and the God Squad to continue my healing process and spiritual growth.

, N.
White Plains, New York

During Iyanla’s 5-day retreat, I got in touch with my authentic self. I was able to get in touch with my faith and let the demons of the past exit my life. I met some wonderful people and now we are all connected through our experience together and our inner light. This experience and the principals of life I learned and now practice everyday has made me a happier and healthier person both emotionally and physically Thanks to Iyanla and her amazing God Squad God Bless you all

Rizzo, B.
Coconut Creek, FL

I learned more about myself in one week of the Inner Visions workshop than I did in years of reading self help books.  I’m grateful that I was open to the process of growth and healing.  Iyanla and the God Squad were awesome.  I highly recommend her workshop to anyone who is ready to face their obstacles to enjoying a life of love, happiness and forgiveness.

Crenshaw, S.
Memphis, TN

My experience with Iyanla was incredibly transforming and she and her God Squad were there not to do your work for you but to offer you guidance, understanding, love, and support. The personal attention I received was extremely loving. It was inspiring to see so many people come in with an empty or hurt spirit and leave nourished. The connections made and lessons learned are indispensable and I truly miss Iyanla. I feel like I spent a week with a favorite aunt. Her compassion and her hugs I will never forget.

Rizzo, R.
New York, NY

Without question, one of the most transformational experiences of my life thus far. My DNA is being reworked. I have never experienced a space where more deep and dark work was done as quickly and with a large group. If you are called to Iyanla, absolutely make it a priority to work with her. And she is funny as hell!

Seybert, S.
State College, PA

I came to the workshop seeking wisdom, insight and understanding.  The moment I entered the room healing began and the awareness that I am Cause opened my world to the power of choice. I am forgiven and can re-create my world as I become aware of thoughts that separate me from God.  She imparted knowledge, wisdom and truth.  I am transformed by the renewing of my mind and her workshop laid the foundation for this healing revelation.  Thank you.  

Radice, C.
Delhi, NY

I am so grateful to Ms. Vanzant and the Inner Visions God Squad for their support during the Cause & Effect workshop. These powerful women have given me hope for the future.

Hackett, V.