tips-for-daily-living-cardsTips for Daily Living Cards
50-Card Deck

Reader Review
I love inspirational card sets and this is one of the most beautiful and interesting sets I’ve yet to encounter. Iyanla Vanzant is a best-selling author who has created these cards to encourage you to address critical life issues in a creative manner.
Each card asks a question that leads you to a variety of answers within and a few answers on the back of the cards. You will encounter questions about living with passion, areas of your life that need attention, fears you have to address, what brings you happiness, appreciating yourself, listening to others, speaking the truth, forgiveness, anger, simplifying your life and letting go of the past. There are so many topics that we deal with on a daily basis.
Through these 50 cards, you can learn to follow the wisdom of your heart. I’ve found that mostly I just need a reminder of what I’m supposed to be focusing on this busy planet. Often we focus so much on one issue that we forget to weave all the elements of our existence into a beautiful tapestry. These cards help you to find those threads you lost someplace along the way and while reading these cards your life can become more complete and fulfilling.
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