upfromhereUp From Here
Reclaiming the Male Spirit: A Guide to Transforming Emotions
into Power and Freedom

Few men are taught the true spiritual essence of masculinity. In Up from Here Iyanla Vanzant empowers men with the insight and skills they need to identify, name, and understand their feelings, as well as to overcome the old patterns of behavior that result from misusing or not tapping into their emotional strength. In clear terms Vanzant shows men how to use the energy of emotions to move beyond painful, negative feelings such as rage, shame, fear, and anger to authenticity and strength.

Like the phoenix, you can rise up from here,
out of the ashes of the crash and burn of the past,
to claim your true identity and power.

By using Vanzant’s “power tools” men can transform their frustrations and failures in love, life, and work into opportunities to claim their true potential and purpose.

$10.00 (Paperback)

Reader Review
“Terror will kill you”, that was the statement that caught my attention at the beginning of the book.
Ms. Vanzant has hit the ‘nail on the head’ when it comes down to analyzing male emotions. I was once, one of those men who lived in fear like her characters, Roy, Phillip and Gabriel who refused to connect with pain and reality. Through our past actions we had dishonored ourselves and couldn’t find a way to comfort our pain without feeling guilty, blaming and condemned. This book will guide many men into healing and awareness. If we take the time to recall our faults and own up to them, redemption is available. Lastly, “Fear is like a growling dog that has you pinned to a wall. When you move, it growls louder.” Thank you Ms. Vanzant for your insight and wisdom.
M.W. Moore, Author